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tv   News  ABC  February 8, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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did you shovel a lot? >> no, ççi didn't. >> i took two pictures of jamie shoveling. >> my goodness. >> we're çgoing çto e-mail th >> let's look because you stepped out for a second. did you hear? >> well, neighbors are fantastic. one was out of town in december storm and i shoveled him. he try today repay the favor and it was too much for çhim a came over with a snow blower to finish my driveway. thanks to chris and steve, fantastic. i started shoveling off by back deck. i think people should çbecauseç it puts strain on the structures and take off the ç
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elevated parts çof the house. get çit off çthe shed and bac deck because of the add ççadd weight. winter storm watch in effect tomorrow çafternoon. start çplanning now. he's of central and northern maryland, beginning tomorrow afternoon, on average 6 to 16 i u$at storm woudd!çjump a çlç farther north. arkansas has snow right now. let's see the roads #. snow çsumoval efforts continue on 95. what you will probably see is going to be shifting lane closures, mostly confined to the two far right lanes. you want to keep to speeds down
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so things don't pop up on you. i'm getting word the beltway is probably the best looking piece of road that we have around this morning but the on and ç ramps are where you have problems. çof the tunnel, closed, northbound 95 past keith and 50 westbound at ç&c davisson road, closed day to a ç disabled vehicle. checking the city cameras here, it çis snowy aro]ne baltimore you make your way around downtown. c)ñwe get a çmove on today >> if you were supposed to çgo somewhere çthis morning, let's give it ççça go. ?e$is morning things look a little better than over the
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weekend. after 12:00 looks like you may be able to get out. áháhis morning are ç clear but çthe side streets çç the neighborhoods are çççsno covered. ç we have thick patches of ice, 178 pretty bad including the side streets. some people found çthemselves standing'the road waiting for buses because of çthe snow commuters had no other option he travel lane. >> we're working with the city and local jurisdictions to help plow the major bus stops so people have a place ççto stan hopefully they'll stand safely back from the buses when the buss are approaching.
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>> so be careful as you make your way in thorn çand çwatch for people standing in ççthe road. the conditions are less than ideal, especially çthe çside streets. it's hard enough çwalking outside, buf what if the bitter cold was inside your home çtoo as of dart night, millions in pennsylvania and southern new jersey still çwithout power ç temperatures in the low 20s. one family can't wait for the power to restore. they have three small children. >> right now it's probably somewhere in the 40-degree range in the house. with the two little kids, it made phe most sense to çget i hotel and be çsafe. >> papt&ñof philadelphia and new jersey are dig out of two ¿ feet or moreç.
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sad scene çin connecticut, search coups working throughout the night after the power plant explosion. the death toll stsnds at 5 withç a dozen or more injured. no one is known to be missing at this hour. a 12-year-old girl from south carolina is making a name for herself with wrestling. jennifer patterson is a b)ce to çbe reckoned with. her record is stellar, pinning 95% of her male opponents. >> i just want to tear those boys apart. she's strong, quick, got technique. >> çthey usually think uxey ar going to beat me most of the time. >> she also hazard a signature she doesn't çplan to çkeep
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wrestling but her coach says her opponents will be gladçç. when a newborn arrives, the about how the baby came into the world. >> one family hazard and amazing story. >> he surprised all of us. he was born in the blizzard. >> there he is, the blizzard baby. let's meet the blizzard man himself. nice. we're probably going to have a lot of babies to talk about nine months from now. currently it is 17 degrees, wind out of the west northwest at 10 miles çan çhour. we'll have much more coming up. we have the nta.
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i hope they are dug out. let's get the latest. the buses are on a limited schedule today, light çpâ operating every 30 minutes and find a metro subway operating every 15 to çç20 minutes. hey thunder, lightning...what's the problem?
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many areas are still ç untouched. çáhe roadways range from clear to reduced lanes with no warning. take your time out in e. we have çseveral accidents still working, snow and ice on a lot of çmajor ççroadways. expect to çsee ice packed exit and entrance ramps, still a çç slick commute. northbound 95 past keith avenue, still a vehicle blobbing the right lane there. westbound ç150 remains closed ç due to a multivehicle crash.
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route 100 westbound ramp to the parkway remains blocked. another check around the city, still slick here. all lanes are open. that is always good news. we have a çfirsthand account oç the city streets. the side streets are still snow covered. the door, up next. guys remb, wee sor stem.
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you can hear the crunching and dragging of the shovel all the way çççto freedom. )of snow çout here. f snow çout where do çyou think i am? behind the snow, of course. i mean, this çis whqtdwe see the city. there's really no place to put the snow, so it ends up here onç the corner. doesn't take much here. i want to show you the side street here because it's pretty much what you'll find throughout the ççcity today.
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this is webster and ford avenue here. it's still a bit snow covered. you know, it's cold out ççher obviously. so the road has kind of iced up a bit. you çwant to taie@your time w you're going down the neighborhood street. you can see the cars snowed in. we found a lot of cars that the owners haven't done much to çt place to go. the plows come through and we'll be right back the snow up against the cars. it's going to take a couple hours to get out this morning. the main road çhere looks çpr good, plows have ççcome throu >> careful on the çside streetç
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back to you. thank you. weddings, super bowl parties, if it was supposed to happen over the weekend it was probably canceled. one çthing vóuldn&d be. >> çwe talk with a mom to see how she's handling being a new wait to come into the world. >> reporter: the blizzard halted everything. tyson hill would have none of it. >> i'm going to tell him that he surprised all of us and he was born in the blizzard and made local news in bottom. >> he sure çdid. ten of çher neighbors had to d her out before first responders could get her to the hospital with only and hour and a half to spare. >> bumpy, long ride, scary ride. i was praying that i wouldn't have the baby çin thw balance. we were able the make it here
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to the hospital. >> reporter: he was born at 1:34 in the afternoon, the blizzard baby. maybe that warms the icy heart of old man winter because just a couple hours later, the snow stopped and the sun actually çç came out. çç people started coming out çça residents started the long process of clearing cars, walks and steps. >> what was your first thought when you saw the çsnow? >> i figured çit would be a couple hours of work. >> reporter: hours and maybe days as the baltimore area looks to give new life after a
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dead ççof winter stormçç. we're abto pile more know on top of that. philadelphia had 28 inches, baltimore officially 24.8 but we know there was over 30 in elk ridge. we're going to ççadd more to over the çnext çcouple days. clear skies this morning, looking back çto çthe southwe there is )u) çnext storm. this storm actually hit over the weekend in southern california with mud slides and ç heavy ra[n. catching up to the northern system, they are going to combine forces like the last event, really crank up off the east coast. the difference is the northern branch is stronger than the southern one, as opposed to the
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other one around. tzat could help çto pull the storm farther ççnorth. we'll have to wit and see. i know everybody wants the snowfall tally. where he generally have clouds coming in tomorrow morning. during the afternoon and evening the ççsnow ççmoves model has been slow with the last couple çstorms. çwe'll have the wintry medication maybe pulling in and run on the lower eastern shore, gtialç. tonight we drop down to about 10 and look for snow beginning tomorrow afternoon.
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snow totals in just a moment. we have a lot@oof snop removal and ice removal on the major roadways, especially i-95 in ççççboth directions. and little to no warning. the merge areas on to the majorç roadways are çeither narrowed in some areas ççnonexistent. and we have northbound 95 past ç right çlanes blocked due to a disabled vehicle. looking around the çcity ç streets, some streets have been plowed. q". fortunately the tunnel looks good in both directions.
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the saints won their first ç colt ç31-17. >> that was so exciting. >> great for the saints. well, here is the snow cast. my first çcall çhere, and this may be adjusted, on average 6
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to 12 inches west of the bay bridge, hartford county 12 to 16 and maybe northern baltimore as well. the roads range from clear ç to covered çdepending on where you are. we'll have more updates on school closings and road closings when çwe come back. o,
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